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Friday, June 13, 2008

Lima, Part Two

Buenas Tardes!

Wrapping up my time in Lima, heading south in a couple days. Been an interesting week, a good lesson in being flexible. I got really sick on Monday, in response probably to the food I ate the night before...was throwing up, and experiencing other unpleasant food-related sickness (enough said). Fortunately I had meds appropriate for the situation, and I moved into a hotel for a couple days and rested.

So, kind of a glitch...but I can't say I have any regrets about the past week. Been thinking a lot about the nature of providence...as much as I'm coordinating things, it feels like I'm along for the ride most of the time on this trip. In light of the timing of several happenings this week and the people I've had a chance to meet, it's hard not to acknowledge the goodness and rightness of everything that's happened. All that to say...it's been a wonderful and blessed week!

A view of the other, less upscale side of Lima...a good example of the kind of shack-lack communities that develop in some places, especially on hillsides like this. Can you spot the two dogs a ways up the hillside?

This is a shot of the church "Camina De Vida." The service was all in Spanish, but I think I got the heart of the sermon. Large church...the service had kind of a Hillsong feel to it. But what impressed me, after spending some time learning about the church from some of the staff and members, is the depth and breadth of their outward ministry, especially through some neat humanitarian work and a high involvement in such ministry by the congregation. They have a pretty incredible vision and self-understanding as a church...very outward focused. Pretty inspiring to learn about, actually. Through this church, I've connected with Jordan, the head of a non-profit, and a great source of insight and networking for me while I've been here.

This is a picture of Juan, Betty, and Ruth, some people I have interviewed. Juan and I have had some good conversations, and he has been helpful in making some other connections, such as Betty and Ruth, who have known him since he was a little boy. Betty now pastors a church that is fairly progressive and different from traditonal churches here.

Part of the "Inca Market," with a wealth of handcrafts from Peru. A woman tried to sell me a vase she supposedly "stayed up all night last night to make." Hmm. Not sure I believe it...I think most people at this market buy these products from elsewhere and sell them here. Oh well...I acted like I believed her, which led to some good conversation.

My local coffee shop, where they know my drink. Not all of my lifestyle habits change when I'm in a different country.



Mom said...

Hi Matt,
You trip sounds great!
I guess I forgot to tell you, don't even brush your teeth with that water. Sorry you were sick. Not fun.
Will be interested to hear more.

Love you.

Dan said...

you would have an international coffee house at your beck and call. sorry to hear that you got sick. sounds like your trip is going amazing and that you are experience south america at its best. look forward to hearing more my friend. let me know if you need anything.


joann renee said...

Getting sick in South America (even Central America) is essential to the experience. Glad you got it out of the way early on.