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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Initial experiences in Lima...

That´s me, on the table...this was part of my initial welcome to Peru. Guess I´m not ¨fitting in¨ very well.

Sorry, couldn´t resist. :) This is actually from a tour of an old political building in the capitol area of downtown, with several scenes recreated from 18th century Peru, including the one above of an underground torture chamber below one of the these buildings. This shot below is of me in a heated debate at a congressional meeting. (I guess that´s my ¨statue pose.¨)

Below are a couple shots of the capitol area, with beautiful, old, colonial-style buildings.

Been a wonderful few days thus far, all spent in Lima, mostly getting oriented, exploring, reading some literature relevant to my ¨quest,¨ setting up meetings with contacts, gaining a stronger vision for my time here, and meeting a lot of people. Already been a meaningful learning experience in many ways.

The family below has been amazingly helpful...VERY hospitable. I´ve been staying with Carlos, on the left (with his wife Megan); he has been educating me about life, culture, and religion here, and quickly has become a friend. His parents, on the right, who speak little English, took me around old town Lima (pics above), giving me a great tour and helping me practice Spanish. At dinner last night, his parents shared some incredible stories I´ll recount later, involving rescuing orphans out of the jungle at the height of communist terrorism about twenty years ago.

All for now...


Mom said...

OH Matt! Lima! Brings back memories. I remember seeing the government building. Did you see the guards in their bright colorful uniforms?

Glad things are going well.

joann renee said...

Is that pronounced like the bean? Or does it rhyme with Zima?

PS-I ran into Jon Buehler in Portland this weekend. Bizarre. Haven't seen him since sophomore year or so.

Grandma said...

Hi Matt,
saw you on the "mat." Was that really you?
Love, Grandma

Dan said...

Matt - so surreal (in the good way) to see you with Carlos! Who would have ever thought when I met him nearly 6 years ago that you would be sitting in his house! Love you man...hope you're enjoying Lima! We'll have to compare stories when you get back!

Ron said...

Hey Boz,

Glad to see things are going well. Can't wait to hear more about your trip. We leave in just about three weeks for our round the world sojourn!

Mark said...

dude! this is where i was born!! lima, brings me back to my home roots. hope all is well matt.

Grandma said...

Hi Matt,
I love this hi-tech contact. Hope all is going well.
Love you, Grandma