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Friday, June 20, 2008

Lima & Arequipa

Hi from Cusco, my last stop in Peru.

Here are a couple final shots from Lima. The first is of a worship service I attended, led by a pastor I interviewed, Juan Puppi. (like excrement-laden, not like young dog). I was asked to play a song during the service, so I sang one I´d written, along with their worship team...with the help of Paul (a guy I´ve gotten to know here) translating some of it. Neat opportunity!

And a look at the Pacific, southern-hemisphere style...

And Arequipa...I left Lima on Sunday night (overnight bus), and was in Arequipa Monday through Thursday, before leaving for Cusco on another overnight bus. Arequipa is lovely...has a neat feel to it. I would consider living here for a few months.

This is the town square...

These are a couple pastors I connected with...Javier, on my right, who was also helpful for translation during my time in Arequipa...and Willie and his wife, on my left, who I met at a pastor´s breakfast earlier that morning.

And this last shot is of the inside of Santa Catalina, a convent that is practially a minature city inside of Arequipa...was the home and workplace of sisters for centuries. Gorgeous architecture, all throughout this city.

It continues to be a rich trip...meeting some neat people, seeing some incredible stuff!

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Mom said...

Hi Matt.
Glad you checked in.
I am reliving my time in Peru through you, and the pictures that I recognize. How cool you got to sing a song, and one you wrote!

I remember attending church in Peru. The service was all in Spanish....but I "got it!"

Love you. Parade her tomorrow. No candy for you!

Love mom