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Thursday, May 17, 2007

some pictures

here are some pics from the last few days...not sure how the layout will look, but you can probably figure out which caption goes with what. I left Prague on Wednesday (hard to do), and have been in munich for a couple days now.

1st pic...me and a group of guys in munich...they were playing ping pong in the park, and i boldly, or maybe obnoxiously, asked to play the winner...two and a half hours later, they had welcomed me into their community, a group that meets here every day, weather pending, to hang out...they shared their beer, travel wisdom, life advice, and we even had some good discussions about etymology, the bible, and psychology...and i got owned by the old Indian guy at ping pong 5 games to zero

2nd pic...me and new friends at the most famous beer hall in munich...live band, crowded, the place feels like an old church turned pub...and the portions--yikes! a one-liter glass, and i helped Mercedes (from argentina) finish hers. needless to say, i left a bit tipsy. (fortunately i become lighthearted, not an a-hole, when i have a bit of alcohol in me)

3rd pic...Dachau concentration camp, outside of munich. Wow. This was one of the most meaningful and moving parts of my trip thus far. This is a shot of the wall, and tower where SS guards would snipe at those trying to escape.

4th pic...Come with me if you want to live. strange door in strange garden in prague, with dripstone wall that looks like vines and has faces and creatures scuplted into the wall...never seen anything like it.

5th pic...main hall of one of the oldest and largest castles in europe. they used to joust in this room.

6th pic...streets of Prague.


Mom said...

ping pong? go Matt. taught you everything you know! (well, sorta. Grandma will be proud!). Great pics.

me said...

thanks for the sharing again. :-)
you're quite the documenter.
And...glad you've found some crazy people to "hang out with"...

how're the books coming along?