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Sunday, April 3, 2011

To All Ye Bend Lovers

I understand the beauty and appeal of Bend more fully now. Joann and I are visiting for the weekend; she lived here for three years. I set off at 6:40 this morning for Pilot Butte, a little "mound" in the center of town. I jogged/hiked to the base and up to the top, to arrive at a spectacular view of the Cascades, glistening in the morning sunlight. The Sisters, Jefferson, Bachelor, Three-Fingered-Jack, Hood, and others.

This is not my photo, and it doesn't capture the lighting nor all the mountains, but it's a start. What a sublime sight, especially in the quiet and light of the morning. And as a runner, it's even more rewarding to "earn" such a view having trekked a ways to get there. A nice way to end our weekend here. Nice work, glaciers.

Related: why does it seem like we often look at something like the Golden Gate bridge and applaud the brilliance of humankind, then look at a mountain range and applaud the brilliance of God? Should we applaud God for both? Or maybe for neither?

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