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Monday, February 15, 2010

Holiday Travel Phase Three: Xiangshan & Tiancu

This was a different but special phase of this trip, nestled in between stays in larger cities in cozy hotels. I stayed three nights in Xiangshan with the family of Anna (one of my students), followed by three nights in Tiancu with the family of Ruby (a student at my university, but not my student). In both places I was spoiled with great hospitality, challenged to be experimental and brave in trying seafood, had a special time bonding with both students, and enriched by some wonderful scenery.

Some pics...

The tower at the end of a lengthy hike with Anna and the Triplets (so named because...they were born on the same day).

In a fake grove of mysterious trees, at a huge outdoor film/TV studio.

Anna's mom and her wonderful cooking. Some of the food on the table was alive and squirming only an hour or so before this picture was taken.

Appreciate this picture, or mock it...I welcome both responses. This was at a beach resort...my first glimpse of the ocean since last summer.

Anna and I after a lengthy hike around Shipu, an ancient city on a hill. This is overlooking the wharf area we'd visited earlier.

Staring at the ocean. Mightily staring at the ocean.

Ruby's cousin, me, Ruby, Anna (who came with me to Tiancu to visit Ruby) outside a temple in a mountainous area. Sorry for showing so much skin.

They really encouraged us to care for our surroundings here.

The peak of our hike. It was a gorgeous day, and glorious to feel heat...to sweat.


Barb said...

Great pics. The last one looks like what I have on my desktop of you at Machu Pichu.

Dan said...

Oh sweaty Matt...