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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Holiday Travel Phase One: Wuhan

I've been in Shanghai the last several days, having an incredible time. But going back to last week, here are some pictures of how I've been spending the winter holiday thus far...

With Ann and Dorothy at a big mixer attended by the American Consul General for Wuhan and numerous business people looking to make connections. For the three of us, it was a chance to attend a ritzy party with free drinks and food (tacos, pasta, cheesecake, all the comforts of home).

The famous Yellow Crane Tower.

A large bell.

Pizza with students (first time for some).

Visiting Mo Shan (Mo Hill), a huge park with an array of sculptures set throughout the area.

A large head.
I look forward to posting some pics of Shanghai...it is one of the most fascinating and exciting cities I've ever visited (hands down my favorite in China). I'm, sadly, leaving Shanghai today (been here since Tuesday) and heading to Ningbo to stay with a student's family. All for now!

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