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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pics of Our Bay Area Beginnings

Classes began yesterday. As I say goodbye to the "preface" of our California life, here are some pics of what we've been up to these past two weeks. So amazing how many transitions we've made these past months, but so enriched by and grateful for all of the new beginnings in our life!

All pictures from the master photographer herself, Joann Renee...

These were Clara's initial and secondary reactions to finding out we were moving to California the next day. My interpretation: "Wow!" then, "come on daddy, my cognitive abilities are too limited at this stage in my development to have any idea what you're saying."

 Myself, Bryan, Brad, and Pat. Bryan and Brad were my moving help, making the road to trip to California with me. Pat's a cool guy, so I made him a hat too. Our hats, from L to R: "I heart cool whip"; "1 1/2 out of 4 stars"; "Muffins"; "Bad credit". Immensely grateful for my fabulous, generous friends!

 Exploring the area near our condo with Clara. There are some great trails where I live, incredible views, and a nice cool breeze most days. And that obnoxious toll bridge in the distance that I cross 3-4 times a week. All bridges are toll bridges here. Boo. Unless I'm aiding in job creation with my tolls, in which case, not "boo" but "tolerable."

Victor Sneed! One of my all-time favorite people who I've spent far too little time with in my life, now only an hour and a half away. He's got a nice face, even though his son is blocking the shot. Just so it's known.

  The living room, kitchen, and dining areas in our new place. We're renting a condo in the Glen Cove neighborhood of Vallejo.

 A shot of my home office. 

Serenading Clara.
Exploring Berkeley.
Hanging out with Grandma.
My new normal...bottle feeding Clara on outings.

At a school BBQ with some of the other new doctoral students.

Wine tasting in Napa. Genuine or posed???

Smooching my sweetheart in the vineyard. And, trespassing, probably.

Mandie and Shaun, fellow Christian Spirituality PhD student and her husband, joining us on our tour through wine country.

In San Fran for the day.

Clara with her cool new hat, in San Fran. Such a hip baby.

After dinner at pier 39 in San Francisco with the family.

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