"Before you can search for truth, you must be interested in finding it." -Miroslav Volf

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alone For a Night (A Poem for My Beloved)

While Joann and I were dating, we had a six month stretch during my 10 ½ month stint in China where we had no face-to-face contact. However, since we got married last August, we haven’t been apart for more than a few hours.

But because Joann left for Vancouver this morning to assist her sister in childcare and housecleaning in light of her sister's new baby, tonight marks the very first night in my married life that I will go to bed without Joann by my side.

Feeling a bit of inspiration as I wait for my brown rice to finish cooking, I offer a humble attempt at Seuss-esqe poetry to share my sentiments. I do this partly because I love my wife, and partly as a strategic attempt to gain “points.” I’ve been told I’m unnecessarily honest.


"Alone For a Night"

I ask you "what sounds good for dessert tonight?"

I hope you’ll say "how ‘bout raspberry delight!"

Yet my query is met with no voice and no tone

Then I sadly remember: tonight I’m alone.

Please don’t get me wrong, I sure do like my space

But not nearly as much as your beautiful face

We made vows in front of our family and friends

The streak that began that day finally now ends

I could smoke five cigars and drink five pints of beer

I could finally watch Joaquin in “I’m Still (Not) Here”

I could vulgarly fart, sing out gibberish songs

But those last two I do whether you’re here or gone

I’ll soon go on a bike ride and think much of you

Of treasured moments sweet, tender, silly and blue

I know I’ve bastardized that one worship song

But I am “lost” and “desperate”— for you dear I long

So the rice is now done, I must go start the pork

My words here show me to be a love-stricken dork

Dinner won’t be the same without two separate versions

I know you "stay home" on my spicy excursions

But with help from anapestic tetrameter

I wanted to tell you, I wish you could be here.

But don’t lament, sweetheart, I’m grieved by your sorrow

We are people of hope; I’ll see you tomorrow.