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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photo Highlights of the Last Two Weeks

I thought it would be fun to share some images from the last couple weeks capturing how I’ve been spending my time when I’ve not been working, reading, writing, or sleeping. With the help of my wife and her brilliant photography, here are some snapshots…

Warmer weather has meant more dinners on our patio/balcony. Despite my hesitant or maybe disgusted face, I really am enjoying the experience, especially on a night with Asian food. I don’t know what was going through my head when this photo was taken. Maybe a fly on the noodles? Maybe the noodles momentarily looked like an old girlfriend? (No offense to my old girlfriends.)

A Chipotle recently opened up near our apartment, which we were both VERY excited about, as our area has been sorely lacking in Mexican-style gourmet fast-food. How much do we love Chipotle? Joann loves it so much that, to fulfill her desperate desire to be a mother that has yet gone unsatisfied, she has chosen, as a temporary child substitute, a chicken burrito. (Joann does not endorse this assessment of her desires.)

A nice up-close shot at a recent flat tire created by the stretch of 1-5 just north of Longview. Pretty gnarly, isn’t it? Speaking of parenting, when I’m a father, I’ll probably explain to my kids while they are still at that very gullible—I mean "trusting"— stage of their lives that flat tires are caused by little goblin-like creatures that jump out from the side of the road and slash your tires. My Dad used a similar type of creature in his explanation to a young me of how the refrigerator light turns on when you open the door.

My nephew Beniah and I are reading a “Thomas the Train Engine” book and are apparently displeased with a plot point and the direction in which the author took the story. Actually, I think Beniah was the one annoyed, considering his very particular literary standards; I’m just empathizing with him.

Joann and I unfortunately missed Jesus’ return; I think we were watching Bridesmaids when it happened. Sorry Jesus; I’ll make sure to make sure my calendar is cleared the next time you’re passing through. Do you like Asian food?

Embracing the rain at Evergreen State College. I went there last Friday evening to play soccer with some of the international students, but our game ended up begin canceled. The outdoor field was not an option on account of the heavy rain; the indoor field was unavailable on account of—yep, you guessed it—a trio of accordion players.

Getting emotional about the Mariners as observed on MLB Gameday, a program with live updates of every pitch and play. The shape of my mouth makes me think I’m about to mouth “FIGGINS!!!” I see Figgins has been benched for tonight’s game.

Me: “Yeah, those are my horses. Jealous?!?”

Kite-flying! To spice things up, we expanded on the classic beach activity of kite-flying, creating “kite-flying-dancing,” as seen in these shots.

A beach-town tradition: find the arcade, and find Ms. Pac-man. Jo and I expended $1.50 in quarters indulging our nostalgia. Filled with greedy ambition, I insisted on playing until I got the high score. Though based on the height of the score, I have a feeling they regularly unplug the machine at the end of the day, resetting the scores. Or, maybe I’m just awesome at Ms. Pac-man.

Joann and I, playing a little beach-wiffle-ball-home-run-derby. While these shots are posed, Joann tells me this was pretty much the look I had on my face the entire time. I guess I was a bit giddy that my wife was willing to play beach-wiffle-ball-home-run-derby with me. She’s so good to me. I wish I was as good to her; I hit a line drive at her that temporarily numbed her ankle.

Eating on the floor of our living room instead of the usual dinner table option, partly for TV viewing and partly for whimsicality's sake. There are two things I really like about this photo. One, Joann calls it a “picnic” when we eat on the floor. I think that’s cute. Two, Joann’s elegant and regal pinky position is in honor of our viewing of The King’s Speech. We’re also eating an elegant and regal plate of nachos.

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