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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Olympia Photo Shoot

Joann and I had a pre-Super Bowl party ("party" being the two of us) photo shoot today. I thought having some visuals of the place we've called home for the entirety of our married life might be worth sharing...

Batdorf and Bronson's—our preferred coffee shop.

The Spar—the lone McMenamins in Olympia, and a comforting taste of our beloved Portland.

The intersection of Boston Harbor and Zangle—approximately 7.75 miles from our apartment and the point to which I ran yesterday as part of my marathon training during my 15-mile run (new high!).

Down on Capitol Lake.

The marina. And, Joann’s crazy.

“You dare challenge me, a Kung Fu master? Come any closer and I’ll finish you off with my ball point pen chopsticks! Then I’ll likely grab a bite at Happy T’s! The Hot Chicken is gloriously spicy! Mwah ha ha!”

The Evergreen State College, former residence of Matt Groening and Carrie Brownstein, and now…Muneer Bashaweeh And Ewelina Lukaszewska (two of my students from Saudi Arabia and Poland, respectively...perhaps not all that famous yet.)

Lost in the woods near Olympia, but not so concerned about our situation that we don’t have time to pose for a photo.

“Okay…fine Joann! We’ll end this stupid photo shoot and go home to watch the super bowl and eat leftover pizza! That sounds SO much better than this, anyway! And, uh, go Vikings!”

1 comment:

Barb said...

NIce pictures.

You know, Olympia is a perfect location for you.
Ocean to the west.
Mountains to the east.
Big city (and BASEBALL) to the north.
Family to the south.

You've got your coffee shop and McM's beer!
Who could ask for anything more?

Love you.