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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Top Ten Rejected Status Updates From Yesterday

I updated my facebook status yesterday, which I don’t do that often, mostly because of time, and I guess I’ve been one of those who has felt it a bit presumptuous to assume others care about what I’m doing throughout the day. Then again, I blog. And assume people care.

But I guess even avid facebook updaters need a filter for some of the more uneventful happenings of their day. Here are the top ten potential updates from yesterday that I deemed too uninteresting to post:

10. Matt is contemplating whether or not “qi” is a legitimate Scrabble play.

9. Matt just thought he smelled cotton candy. But wait, nope…not cotton candy.

8. Matt is considering making a turkey sandwich.

7. Matt is trying to find a way to concisely articulate the meaning of “plausibility structure” for a 5-year old.

6. Matt just cleared his throat, with no one around. Then he became aware of this fact, and said out loud: “fascinating.”

5. Matt just prepared and consumed a turkey sandwich.

4. Matt is looking over there.

3. Matt just heard Joann say: “Eaahhooobeeedallaaa.” Matt replied, “what?!” Joann said, “I said, ‘add paprika, you (expletive)!!!’”

2. Matt just showered while eating dark chocolate.

1. Matt just incorrectly strummed a G chord instead of C chord while playing that James Taylor song. Now Matt is stretching his calves again.

As you can see, I’m not sure the daily events of my life warrant regular facebook updating.

(Note: some of the above are slightly fictitious.)