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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sports Competition!

This past weekend was the school's annual sports competition, consisting primarily of track and field events. Each department competes against one another, and the whole thing is taken very seriously. So much so that departments will call former students to come back to help increase their chances of winning, as a lot of pride and honor is at stake. It is mainly for students, though teachers compete as well (against one another, not against students). I, of course, represented the Foreign Language Department, who I believe was either last place or pretty close to last place overall, as is usual...we are a small department, and relatively unathletic.

I took on the role of encourager, trying to show people that you can have fun without winning, as well as the role of buffoon, making people laugh as often as possible with my theatrics. The event lasted two days--Friday and Saturday--which were some of the most gorgeous days we've had in some time. It was fun, but also a really special time with many of my students--being silly, discussing both serious and light topics, and enjoying a much-needed break from studies for students who seem to be worked very hard.

From the opening ceremonies.

I am no longer Matt. I am simply a number.

From the 100 meter dash. This is admittedly posed (if it wasn't obvious), due to photographer error during the actual race. I got fourth out of eight (20-35 age bracket). I kind of expected to be last, so I was thrilled.

The 4x100 relay, final leg. I may see if I can get my hair to do that all the time, not just when I'm sprinting.

Our 4x100 relay team. I think we were third place (out of four)...not great, though this was my favorite event (to participate in and to watch).

Long jump. Actually, this was just for fun, as I did not compete in the event.

Shot put. I got third place out of eight! Happy with that.

The sack race. Despite an early lead, this one did not go so well for me, as the picture indicates. Got a bit scratched up from that fall.

Some of my students competing in various events.

From a post-competition, mini-photo shoot with some of my friends/students.


Barb said...

I should have been there...could have done the shot and the discus for you. OH wait...did they have MY age group???

Matt & Beth said...

Matt! I laughed out loud at your silly photos! Thank you for posting them. Take care of yourself.