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Monday, March 1, 2010

Holiday Travel Phase Five: Hong Kong & Cheung Chau

A final grouping of pictures from my travels as I gear up for the beginning of the Spring term. I met up with my other NWYM-sent teachers for a week-long retreat (14th-19th) in Hong Kong. More specifically, Cheung Chau, a small island about a 40-min ferry ride from Hong Kong. The six of us (plus two of our friends from the States who did the facilitating) had a rich time forecasting various aspects of the next four months, from our unity and accountability as a team to teaching techniques. A nice time of recharging for a new semester, and, for me, a relaxing end to my three weeks of fast-paced travel around SE China. The island was gorgeous--no cars, small enough to walk around in an afternoon, and beautiful views. And Hong Kong was...advanced...efficient...busy. I felt like I was in a smartly designed city, a tribute to the free market, a place where people spend (and probably make) a lot of money. It was impressive, though I don't think I'd want to live there.

One of the major streets of Hong Kong.

A large portion of downtown is connected by sky bridges that take you right through the different buildings...this is what I mean by well-designed and well-planned.

Another innovation of Hong Kong. This is a lengthy outdoor escalator that spans several blocks and winds its way up the hill, used heavily by commuters who live further up the hillside of downtown. It's the world's longest outdoor escalator system.

Hong Kong from the ferry, heading back to our retreat center on Cheung Chau.

View from the top of one of the peaks of Cheung Chau. You can see the town below and the dumbbell-shaped layout of the island.

Cheung Chau's version of the Great Wall. Maybe just a "good" wall? It's actually not much of a wall at all.

Ferry dock and harbor.

Down on the beach.

The crew.

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Barb said...

Some of those pics look like you could be in Seattle! Westlake Mall...Alki...