"Before you can search for truth, you must be interested in finding it." -Miroslav Volf

Friday, July 11, 2008


No time to post much, but for the sake of keeping my whereabouts current...I spent a few days earlier in the week in Buenos Aires, a huge and fascinating and diverse city...and had some great moments, including one of the most important interviews I´ve had on this journey, a neat experience of Christian community with some twenty-somethings, and a special reunion with a couple friends.

And now, I´m staying on a farm near Rio Cuarto, the complete opposite of Buenos Aires, mostly resting, eating way too much, and catching up on some of my notes and processing of this trip.

All for now...more elaboration and some pics in a few days. Adios.

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Victoria said...

Hi Matt, Wow what an adventure you are having! I praise God for this the amazing time and how He is revealing is Goodness and righteousness. The pictures are spectacular! Your comments, are wonderful, I am deeply encouraged by how the church is functioning there. I look forward to more posts. Many blessings! Victoria